Hand-knitted alpaca scarves, from Australian alpaca and in most cases my own very fine animals. Many are in natural colours that blend together very well in my unique scarves. They are made from selected fine yarns to ensure a comfortable feel when worn around the neck.

Some scarves listed here are one-off items, depending on availability of yarn in specific colours. My coloured fleeces are processed individually and I can occasionally run out of a colour.

A scarf takes up to a week to complete so there may be a weeks delay in posting your order.

Alpaca Scarf - Custom knitted in Natural Colours
This photo is just an example.You can call me on 0248415025 or 0403195349 to discuss colour choices ..
Alpaca Scarf - Natural White in Lacey Pattern
This scarf is a one-off item. Hand-knitted from a white Daisy Bank alpaca fleece. Length 132 cm...
Alpaca Scarf Horizontal Stripe multicoloured
This cheerful alpaca scarf is hand knitted and hand dyed from Daisy Bank super soft yarn. It measure..
Alpaca Scarf Natural Colours Vertical Stripe
This scarf is hand knitted in one of my favourite natural colour combinations. The individual alpaca..
Alpaca Scarf Natural Colours Very Large
This scarf is a one off. The colours are all natural from the Daisy Bank herd and very soft to the t..
Alpaca scarf navy white red stripe
Knitted from Australian alpaca, this scarf measures 125 cm in length (excluding fringe) and 16 cm in..
Alpaca Scarf pink
Hand dyed from Daisy Bank yarn, this feminine scarf measures 103 cm. x 21 cm...
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