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Zephyr Ultimate Lead

Whether you are training weanlings, staking your alpaca out or simply going for a stroll and want to offer your buddy a bit more freedom to wander, you will want a Zephyr Ultimate Lead. This is actually two leads in one. You can use the regular lead (9 feet) or attach the extender with the fastex buckle and have a 17-foot lead. This longer lead allows you to be further away from your alpaca reducing the chances of a blow-up and...if it does happen, you will have more time to react. This lead is particularly useful for rehabilitating alpacas who have learned to cush instead of follow on the lead. No more wrenched shoulders. The Ultimate Lead all but eliminates bucking and rearing.

Colour: green

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Zephyr Ultimate Lead
Zephyr Ultimate Lead
zephyr ultimate lead