Camelidynamics alpaca and llama handling and training equipment

This-End-Up Halter For Alpacas
If you are just learning to train alpacas, try this black halter with a different coloured noseband ..
Body Wrap
Use the body wrap for calming excitable youngsters or adults. The body wrap is very useful for alpac..
Neck Wrap
The long camelid neck makes balancing the head a challenge. The neck wrap is particularly effective..
The Camelid Companion
You will learn how to be the kind of person a camelid loves to be around while still accomplishing y..
The Problem With Weight is NOT Losing It!
When it comes to llamas and alpacas, Marty McGee Bennett has been an industry touchstone for over 20..
Toenail Nippers
Many toenail nippers are too big and awkward to accommodate a small hand. These nippers are sturdy e..
TTEAM Plain Wand
These wands are invaluable tools for herding and sorting your animals. The wand allows you to touch ..
TTEAM Wand with Clip Attachment
ITEM ENHANCEMENT! This attachment allows you to clip the catch rope to the wand for effortless catch..
Zephyr Leads
This is the same long-lasting quality of our original lead (see the Zephyr Training Lead) made of th..
Zephyr Modified Show Leads
Refine your look in the show ring. In response to many requests from breeders for a hand loop and mo..
Zephyr Training Lead
This is the original, signature lead with a new name. The 9-foot Zephyr Training Lead features 21 in..
Zephyr Ultimate Lead
Whether you are training weanlings, staking your alpaca out or simply going for a stroll and want to..
Alpaca Halters
Buying a halter that fits properly is possibly the most important thing you can do for the safety an..
Alpaca Halters - Limited Range White
Limited Numbers and Sizes Available Until Sold. Colour: White Sizes: S fits most weanlings up t..
Alpaca Halters - Limited Sizes Pink
Limited Sizes Available. Colour: Pink Sizes: XS fits from 3-6 months or smaller, more delicate ..
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