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If you are just learning to train alpacas, try this black halter with a different coloured noseband to help you orientate the halter in your hand. They are also pretty snappy looking!

Colour: Black with purple, blue, red or purple noseband depending on size.

  • XS fits from 3-6 months or smaller, more delicate heads. With purple noseband
  • S fits most weanlings up to 8-10 months. With blue noseband
  • M fits weanlings, yearlings, most small to medium size adults. With red noseband
  • L fits larger animals, females, wethers and males. With green noseband

* before you opt for the L please ensure that the M halter nose band is on one of the last two holes.

Halter fit is covered extensively in Marty McGee’s book, The Camelid Companion (ch 8).

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